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If you have a tree stump anywhere on your property that you’re looking to have removed, you generally have two broad options: Simple removal of the stump in a traditional fashion, or grinding of the stump. Both these options come with their own sets of pros and cons, and which you choose may depend on a few factors.

At Acorn Tree Service, we’re proud to offer both tree removal and tree stump grinding services to any client in need, plus the expertise required to help you choose between these programs depending on your situation. What are some of the basics on each of these methods, and which variables will you be keeping in mind as you select between them? Here’s a basic primer.

Why Tree Stump Removal is Important

Before we get into both these stump removal methods and which is best for you, we wanted to go over the importance of stump excavation overall. This is an important process for several reasons:

  • Safety: Tree stumps are often hazardous in a number of ways, from infections to crumbling on their own. It’s important to have a crew of arborists come in and remove the stump via excavation so that it can’t affect you or your family members.
  • Surrounding growth: Leaving a tree stump in the ground can also impede surrounding growth, as new saplings and plants will have a tough time getting started in the shadow of an immovable stump. This is especially true if you’re looking to plant grass or other ground cover in the area.
  • Pests and disease: Tree stumps may also serve as safe harbor for pests and diseases, which can then spread to your other trees. It’s important to get rid of any potential pest havens on your property as soon as possible.
  • Aesthetics: Finally, many people simply don’t like the look of tree stumps in the yard. Whether it’s a physical eyesore or an awkward area of your garden that you’re looking to clear out, tree stump removal should be the first step in such a program.

Tree Stump Removal Basics

During standard tree stump removal, similar processes will be carried out as during traditional tree removal. Both the stump itself and its roots will be cut and removed from the ground, after which the resulting hole will be filled in. The main difference is that, with stump removal, the arborists are working specifically to remove the stump and nothing else.

Tree Stump Grinding Basics

Tree stump grinding, on the other hand, involves the use of powerful machinery to grind the stump down to a fraction of its original size. This leaves very little that needs to be removed by hand, and is often a more cost-effective option than traditional stump removal. At the same time, this format does not remove roots in the same way as tree stump removal, which may be a downside in some situations.

In part two of our series, we’ll go over some specific variables that will help you choose between tree stump grinding and more traditional removal. For more on this, or to learn about any of our tree pruning or other arborist services, speak to the staff at Acorn Tree Service today.