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When you need tree services in the Largo, FL, area, Acorn Tree Service is the team to call. We are ISA Certified Arborist and have many years of experience with tree trimming, tree removal, tree care, stump removal, mangrove services and tree disease diagnosis. We help keep your property safe and beautiful.

Tree Trimming in Largo, FL

Tree trimming is both an art and a science. It’s a learned skill and it can’t be performed by just anyone. Trimming the wrong branches on a tree can cause it to become unbalanced and even to fall. “Topping” a tree — cutting off many large branches indiscriminately — results in unattractive regrowth and makes the tree vulnerable to disease.

Tree trimming should be done judiciously by learned professionals.

What We Offer

Tree Pruning

Your trees benefit from regular tree trimming services. Left to their own devices, trees can grow unevenly and suffer from a variety of issues. After tree pruning, your trees will look better and grow stronger.

Tree Removal

Try as you might to take the best care of your trees, you may eventually need tree removal at your home. Our tree removal services are thorough and safe. Additionally, we offer stump grinding.

Expert Tree Care

Tree trimming is only part of tree care. We also provide tree services such as mulching. Mulching helps trees retain the moisture they get from rainstorms and watering.

This extra effort helps strengthen your trees so that in the event of a hurricane, they stand a better chance of making it through upright.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Try as you might to save your trees, sometimes you need tree removal. The tree may be diseased, leaning precariously or disrupting your property in another way.

At Acorn Tree Service, we cannot stress enough the importance of using experienced professionals for tree removal. Mistakes can cause property damage and even cost lives.

Our team will perform tree removal on your property safely, and if requested, we’ll grind the stump. When you get stump grinding, no one will ever know the tree was there. Your property will be flat and smooth — easy to mow and unmarked by ugly stumps.

Tree Services: Evaluation & Disease Diagnosis

If your tree isn’t looking well, call Acorn Tree Service for a diagnosis. If the problem is pests, we may be able to treat the tree and save it. Tree services such as tree trimming and mulching help strengthen trees, making it easier for them to regain their health.

Our other tree services include mangrove services and land development.

Acorn Tree Service is ISA Certified, licensed and insured for your protection — you never have to worry when we are on your property.

Contact us today for a free estimate for tree care, tree trimming or tree removal in Largo, FL, and the surrounding area.

Licensed and Insured

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