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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basic signs that one or more trees on your property might require removal. While many tree issues can be addressed through care services like pruning or disease care, some severe problems or issues of tree decline may require removal instead.

At Acorn Tree Service, we’re here to not only provide quality tree removal services throughout Largo and other parts of Florida, but also to help our clients determine whether issues taking place for a given tree require removal or might be possibly remedied by other approaches. Here are a few of the other top signs that might indicate a removal need in one of your trees.

Specific Tree Damage

In many cases, significant damage to trees will be visible if you’re looking closely enough. Sometimes the exact issue is a mystery, however, and while determining removal may be difficult in some cases, it’s often clear whether your tree(s) need to be removed if certain signs are taking place.

For example, if there’s noticeable damage to one or more major limbs on the tree (such as that which can occur when limbs are lost to storm damage or breakage), this may be a sign that these branches need to be removed and the tree then thoroughly inspected for potential health and stability problems. If one or more main limbs is dead, you should remove these promptly because they could easily fall on homes, cars, people, and other trees in your yard.

Sprouts from the Tree

If you’ve begun to see sprouts (small green plants or stems) coming out of your tree, this is often a sign of significant health issues and a tree in decline. There may be some minor cases where the conditions causing these sprouts can be treated in other ways, but they often will simply grow and use up resources the tree needs — damaging its integrity and eventually causing it to fall. Avoid this eventual issue by having your tree removed in cases where sprouts have already begun to emerge.

Large Dead Branches

As we touched on above, the occasional smaller damaged or even dead branch doesn’t necessarily mean the entire tree needs to be removed. However, if you’re noticing multiple large dead branches in your tree, this is often a sign that the tree has lost significant health and stability and could easily succumb to damage or wind in future storms.

Trees with high branches or limbs can be particularly susceptible to dead and damaged portions of the canopy which could fall without warning at any time. These need to be removed immediately before they become a danger or cause further damage.

If your tree is showing signs of any of these above issues, it’s time to call us and schedule a free consultation and estimate from one of our experienced and certified arborists at Acorn Tree Service. Contact us for these or other tree services in Largo and the surrounding areas today.