Tree Care Services in Clearwater, FL

As a proud Florida homeowner, you want to keep your property looking as nice as possible. One important aspect of property upkeep is tree care. Enlist the help of Acorn Tree Service when you need tree trimming, tree removal or other tree services at your Clearwater, FL, home.

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Tree Trimming

In order for trees to grow healthy and strong and not pose any danger to your property, they need regular trimming, just like your bushes, shrubs and flowers. Trees that go for too long without trimming may grow unevenly, destabilizing the tree and increasing the risk it may fall. Further, without tree trimming, you may remain unaware of compromised branches that could break off and injure you or damage your property.

Additionally, trees that aren’t trimmed are less attractive than well-kept trees. At Acorn Tree Service, we thin out the branches of your trees, allowing more light to reach lower branches. We remove suckers on trunks and limbs that siphon nutrients away from the main branches. We also shape the tree for optimal appearance.

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Even when you take good care of your trees and get regular tree trimming, you may have the need one day for tree removal at your Clearwater, FL, home.

You may notice your tree is not looking well. The leaves may become sparse or spotted, or your tree may begin leaning precariously. This is the time to call Acorn Tree Service for a diagnosis. We’ll come out and look at your tree and see if it is suffering from fungus, pests or another issue.

If you want to save the tree, we will attempt to treat the problem. However, if it is too far gone, you may need to remove the tree.

Our tree care experts will carefully and cleanly remove your tree, and grind the stump if you like. Instead of an ugly stump, you’ll be left with a flat patch of ground you can plant grass or something new on.

Tree Services

Tree Services

It’s critically important to trust only professional tree care specialists with the trees on your property, and not only because we are ISA Certified Arborists, licensed, bonded and insured. Acorn Tree Services has many years of experience providing service in the Northwest and in the Clearwater, FL, area. Using an inexperienced company can put your trees — and your property — at risk.

Branches that are trimmed incorrectly or indiscriminately make your trees more vulnerable to disease. Poorly pruned trees look unattractive and affect property values in your neighborhood. And lastly, tree trimming by novices can result in injury to the crew or to you, as well as property damage.

For the best in tree care in Clearwater, FL, contact Acorn Tree Service. We provide free estimates for tree cutting, stump grinding, tree removal, and disease treatment.