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Pruning Benefits

Your trees benefit from regular tree pruning services. Left to their own devices, trees can grow unevenly and suffer from a variety of issues.

Trees grow unevenly for different reasons. One is that they may lose one or more limbs in a storm. You or someone else may remove the limbs because they interfere with wiring or are brushing up against your home or roof. Or if the tree is shaded by another tree, it may grow unevenly by reaching out for sunlight.

Trees that grow unevenly have a greater risk of toppling, causing damage to your home, property or even you. After tree pruning, your trees will look better and grow stronger.

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Improve Your Trees

In order for trees to grow healthy and strong and not pose any danger to your property, they need regular trimming, just like your bushes, shrubs and flowers. Trees that go for too long without trimming may grow unevenly, destabilizing the tree and increasing the risk it may fall. Further, without tree trimming, you may remain unaware of compromised branches that could break off and injure you or damage your property.

Additionally, trees that aren’t trimmed are less attractive than well-kept trees. At Acorn Tree Service, we thin out the branches of your trees, allowing more light to reach lower branches. We remove suckers on trunks and limbs that siphon nutrients away from the main branches. We also shape the tree for optimal appearance.

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Tree trimming should be done judiciously by learned professionals.

Tree trimming is both an art and a science. It’s a learned skill and it can’t be performed by just anyone. Trimming the wrong branches on a tree can cause it to become unbalanced and even to fall. “Topping” a tree — cutting off many large branches indiscriminately — results in unattractive regrowth and makes the tree vulnerable to disease.

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Trees add a lot of value to your property, and that’s one reason it’s important to take care of them. Other reasons are that proper tree care services keep your trees safe, healthy and looking great.

Acorn Tree Service provides total tree care — including tree pruning , tree removal and tree trimming — to clients throughout Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area.

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