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There are a few areas of property care where both professionals and property owners may play a role, and a great example here is tree trimming and pruning. This is a task some property owners feel comfortable carrying out on their own, at least for minor needs; others will leave this entire process to tree care professionals — both of these are fully robust approaches.

At Acorn Tree Service, we’re here to serve clients in any way they require here. Our tree pruning and trimming services are available in any format, whether you need us to cover all your trimming needs or just a few specialty areas. For those property owners who perform any level of their own trimming or pruning, however, ensuring you have the proper tools for doing so is vital. Here are the most important such tools you should have available if you’re pruning or trimming trees on your property.

Pruning Shears

Likely the single most important tool for tree trimming, pruning shears are essential for removing small branches and twigs from trees. Pruning shears are versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks, from pruning small trees to shaping ornamental bushes.

When looking for pruning shears, you’ll want to find a pair with a sharp blade and comfortable grip. There are both manual and electric pruning shears on the market, but unless you have a lot of experience with tree trimming, we recommend sticking with a manual pair.


Loppers are a larger version of pruning shears and are perfect for removing branches 2-6 inches in diameter. Loppers can also be used for trimming small trees and bushes, but should not be used for pruning live wood or large branches.

Like pruning shears, loppers come in both manual and electric versions. When choosing a lopper, you’ll want to find one with a sharp blade and comfortable grip.

In addition, loppers may differ depending on whether they’re meant for live branches or dead wood. Be sure to choose the right type of lopper for the job at hand, or you could damage the tree you’re trying to care for.

Pole Pruner

For those who have tree branches in difficult-to-reach locations, a pole pruner is the perfect tool. Pole pruners are essentially loppers on a long pole, which give you the reach you need to cut branches high up in the tree.

As with other tools, there are both manual and electric versions of pole pruners. When choosing a pole pruner, be sure to find one with a sharp blade and comfortable grip. You’ll also want to make sure the pole is adjustable so you can find the right length for your needs.

For more on the tools you need to trim or prune any trees on your property, or to learn about our professional tree care services, speak to the staff at Acorn Tree Service today.