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For those who regularly enjoy the light and warmth of a wood-burning fire, the presence of firewood is important to maintain. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor fire area, quality firewood will give you a great fire with safe qualities — and one part of ensuring your firewood is of good quality is storing it properly.

At Acorn Tree Service, we’re proud to offer firewood services to clients for numerous needs, from fireplaces and open flame cooking to camping needs and more. We provide Kiln Dried Oak Wood for our clients, plus deliver to restaurants throughout Clearwater and other parts of Florida. What are some basic tips we regularly offer on proper firewood storage during the winter, which may feature increases in rain and other elements? Here’s a primer.

Splitting Wood

For firewood that isn’t already split, it’s always best to split the wood before you begin storing. This allows it to dry properly, and can add years of life to your firewood supply. In addition, splitting the wood will allow for a better air flow in the area where it is stored, promoting drying and reducing potential threats from insects or mold growth.

Choosing Location

If you’re storing firewood for your home, you should pick a spot that’s relatively close to the home, but does not come in direct contact with it — this will prevent any pests or insects from entering the home through the firewood supply. You also want to find an area that receives plenty of sunshine, as this will allow your firewood to dry more quickly.

Stacking Off the Ground

An important theme that should be maintained throughout the year, but especially during winter when there might be more moisture on the ground, is to ensure that your firewood is raised off of the ground while it’s drying. This will prevent moisture from coming up through the ground and into your wood supply — again, if water comes in contact with firewood, it could lead to an early end for your wood pile.

In fact, we recommend storing firewood at least one or two feet off the ground at all times. This ensures that the wood is exposed to adequate air circulation, which will help further increase its shelf life.

Cover and Airflow

Because of increased chances of rain and other elements, the proper cover is essential during the winter. If you’re using a tarp, place the tarp on the ground first and then place firewood onto it — this will ensure that water isn’t running down your stack of wood and into your supply.

If possible, an elevated cover is ideal as it reduces the chances of water intrusion even further. Just make sure proper airflow can be maintained by allowing the firewood to “breathe.”

For more on how to store firewood during the Florida winter, or to learn about any of our tree trimming, care or removal services in Clearwater or other parts of the state, speak to the team at Acorn Tree Service today.